Trump Rips Romney to Shreds Over Yawn-Inducing Biography!

In a not-so-shocking turn of events, former President Donald J. Trump took to his trusty social media platform, Truth Social, to unleash a torrent of criticism on none other than Mitt Romney. You know, that guy who just can’t resist popping up every time there’s a camera around. Trump, never one to hold back, labeled Romney a “total loser” after the release of a snooze-fest of a biography called “Romney: A Reckoning” by some guy named McKay Coppins.

Trump didn’t mince words, folks. He found the book to be about as exciting as watching paint dry in slow motion. In fact, he downright despised it, calling it “boring, horrible, and totally predictable.” Can you blame him? Sitting through a whole book about Mitt Romney’s political journey is a lot like watching a snail make its way across a patch of grass. Torturous, to say the least.

But Trump had more than just critiques about the book. Oh no, he dropped a bombshell for all to hear. Apparently, during a fancy dinner at Trump International Hotel, Romney was practically drooling over the idea of becoming Secretary of State. Well, guess what? Trump had no intention of ever offering him the role. Talk about a slap in the face, Mitt. Trump saw right through Romney’s political games and wasn’t about to let him use his dinner table as a platform for his shameless ambitions.

And that’s not all, folks! Trump dug up some juicy quotes from Romney himself. You remember those days when Romney praised Trump’s successful General Election campaign? Yeah, those days when he actually had something halfway decent to say about the guy. Romney admitted that winning a presidential election was no easy feat and applauded Trump for making it happen. Funny how things change, huh? These politicians have more flip-flops than a beach town souvenir shop.

The real kicker in all of this is the history between Romney and Trump. Apparently, back in the ’90s, Romney had the pleasure of spending some time at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion. Let’s just say it was an experience he wouldn’t soon forget. Trump’s staff rolled out the red carpet, or rather, the white linen uniforms, to make Romney feel like he was in a royal palace. Talk about overcompensating for something, am I right?

Fast forward to more recent times, and Romney and Trump found themselves rubbing elbows at a New England Patriots football game. They were both guests in some fancy suite owned by Bob Kraft. And what does Trump do? He starts bragging about Melania, his then-girlfriend, and how all the men in New York wanted a piece of her. Classy move, Don. Real classy.

But wait, there’s more! During Romney’s failed 2012 presidential campaign, he shamelessly accepted an endorsement from Trump. Oh, the hypocrisy! Despite their differences, Romney couldn’t help but gush about Trump’s genuine personality in his personal journal. He admired Trump’s ability to speak his mind without any pretense. Well, Mitt, it seems like you’ve conveniently forgotten those moments of admiration.

To top it all off, Trump apparently even offered Romney a cushy ambassadorship to Russia after becoming president. But guess what? Romney turned it down. That’s right, folks. He had his chance to cozy up to the big guy, but he just couldn’t handle it. So, their rollercoaster relationship continues, full of ups and downs, camaraderie, and contention.

In the end, you really have to feel sorry for poor Mitt Romney. No matter what he does, he always seems to be on Trump’s bad side. And hey, I can’t blame Trump for seeing right through him. Romney is the epitome of a career politician, always looking out for his own interests rather than the American people. So, let this be a lesson to all the politicians out there: don’t cross Trump unless you want to be on the receiving end of a Twitter lashing.

Written by Staff Reports

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Trump Rips Romney to Shreds Over Yawn-Inducing Biography!

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