Trump Sends FIERCE Warning To The Deep State!

President Donald Trump promised to “Totally Obliterate the Deep State” in a speech he gave from Iowa on Monday, and the conservative Republican base couldn’t be more pleased. Trump’s promise to take down the Deep State, an unelected bureaucracy of bureaucrats who have weaponized the justice system and have been working against the President since he took office, was met with thunderous applause from the thousands of supporters who attended the rally.

The President declared that he will fire the unelected bureaucrats and direct the Department of Justice to go after Marxist prosecutor’s offices to make them pay for their illegal race-based enforcement of the law. He also promised to break up the Department of Education and send the resources back to the states.

Trump also took a swipe at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, whom he compared to Mitt Romney, and criticized Florida for being “very, very bad on ethanol,” a fuel source derived from corn and wheat, which is a major industry in Iowa.

The President also drew loud cheers when he declared he would “keep men out of women’s sports.” He said it was “the opposite of dignity” and “horrible” for men to compete against women in sports.

Trump also acknowledged the current investigations he is still facing, declaring that evidence of possible wrongdoing is contained on Hunter Biden’s laptop, the “The Laptop from Hell.” He accused the Deep State of breaking every law to persecute him while Joe Biden’s brazen corruption and criminality is totally ignored.

The President concluded his speech by declaring that 2024 is the final battle. This statement was met with loud cheers from his supporters, who are eager to see Trump continue to fight against the Deep State and its efforts to undermine his presidency. With Trump’s promise to “totally obliterate the Deep State” and his declaration that 2024 is the final battle, conservative Republicans are confident that Trump will be able to make good on his promise and restore justice and order to our government.

Written by Staff Reports

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