Trump Slams Biden as Unfit in Viral Golf Course Video

Former President Donald Trump took to the golf course after a heated debate to share a viral video where he didn’t hold back in criticizing President Joe Biden. With his usual flair, Trump confidently handed out cash to a group of individuals while slamming Biden as an “old broken down pile of crap” and a “bad guy.” In true Trump fashion, he added a touch of humor by joking that Biden might quit the race because of him, suggesting that Kamala Harris taking over would be no better.

Sporting a polo with “MAGA” and “47” emblazoned on it, Trump didn’t mince words, even referring to Kamala as “so bad” and “pathetic.” Expressing disbelief at the thought of Biden facing leaders like Putin and the president of China, Trump didn’t shy away from highlighting what he sees as Biden’s weaknesses on the international stage. Despite the video initially being obtained by The Daily Beast in what seemed like a negative light, Trump flipped the script by posting it himself with the caption “NO TAX ON TIPS!”

The video quickly gained traction on social media, with many supporters applauding Trump’s boldness and sense of humor. His campaign advisers dismissed any calls for Biden to step down, pointing out the failures they attribute to his administration, including inflation, a porous border, and overall domestic and international chaos. They accused Democrats, the mainstream media, and the so-called swamp of colluding to conceal what they claim is Biden’s incompetence and dishonesty, asserting that he is unfit for the presidency, alongside Vice President Kamala Harris.

In the eyes of Trump and his supporters, this video serves as another example of his unapologetic approach to critiquing his political opponents and rallying his base. The campaign advisers’ statement further solidifies the divide between those who stand by Trump’s blunt assessments and those who view them as inflammatory and polarizing. As the political landscape continues to evolve, Trump’s presence remains a central and controversial figure in the ongoing discourse surrounding the future of American leadership.

Written by Staff Reports

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