Trump Wins Big in GOP Primary Despite Fbi Raid That Backfired

Since the beginning of this year—and even before that, in some respects—we have been informed that the 2022 midterm elections will be swept by a "red wave." Conveniently, all up until the most recent few weeks. Liberal publications, which have a vested interest in shielding Democrats, all of a sudden started asserting that the left will be able to make it through the upcoming elections. Why did they suddenly start singing a different tune? Naturally, the primary goal is to persuade leftist people to cast their ballots while simultaneously discouraging conservative voters.

But if they believed that they could use deception to win in the midterm elections, their own corrupt system ensured that they would be unsuccessful. A dormant fuse was lit when the FBI conducted an unprecedented raid on President Trump's property in Mar-a-Lago. The decision by Biden's Department of Justice to launch an attack on a former opponent has Republicans incensed. It is impossible to deny the existence of political motivations. And it has Republicans feeling more energized than ever before.

As a result of this backlash, we are already experiencing its ramifications, which have shown themselves in the form of a significant primary upset.

Former State House Republican Leader and long-presumed favorite Themis Klarides lost the Senate primary to Republican National Committeewoman and former President Donald Trump endorsed candidate Leora Levy in what is easily one of the most shocking results in recent history for the state of Connecticut…

It is not an exaggeration to say that Levy's victory was a stunning upset of historic proportions. As a result of Levy's victory over Klarides, who had the support of the state Republican convention, he became only the third Republican in Connecticut's history to win a statewide primary election against a candidate who had been endorsed by the state party since primaries were first held in that state in 1970.

“Trump voters were fired up,” said one GOP consultant who requested anonymity, “His endorsement [which came last Thursday] along with what happened yesterday when the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago came at a good time for Leora. The conservative Trump bases had an outlet— today’s primary— which allowed them to hit back by voting for Leora.” [Source: Newsmax]

Because of the state's location on the East Coast, Republicans in Connecticut are typically considered moderates. They are hardly the first people to get on board with the MAGA movement. However, it appears that a Republican candidate sponsored by Trump, Leora Levy, was successful in defeating an establishment candidate named Themis Klarides, who was believed to be the favorite.

Pundits in the political world are looking for explanations for this enormous shock. And the only thing they can refer to as evidence is the terrible raid that was carried out on Trump's residence. Levy received the support of the 45th candidate just a few days before the primaries. Additionally, on Monday he presided over a "tele-rally" that was watched by 32,619 people. And later that night, the FBI conducted a search warrant at his residence.

This underhanded move by Biden's Department of Justice has offended a great number of Americans, as we have heard from a variety of them. A large number of conservatives and independents are adamant in their belief that it was done for political reasons. People who had previously "cooled" on Trump and the Republican Party are now more ready than ever to support him.

Some analysts on the left believe this was done on purpose by those on the left. They appear to believe that we wanted to assist Trump so that he would be the one to get the nomination for 2024 rather than DeSantis. That only makes sense if you assume that Trump won't be able to beat Biden in the election in 2024. A gamble of really poor judgment.

The latest polling data show that Biden's approval rating is at an all-time low. His party holds him in contempt. And by 2024, he might not even be healthy enough to run for office. There is no one in the party who is even remotely close to being ready to take his place. It is ludicrous to even consider the possibility that Biden could defeat Trump in 2024 under those conditions.

And to act in this manner so close to the midterm elections would be a reckless act. Voters would be energized to send a clear statement against the Democrats by driving them out of Congress, which would be a powerful form of communication.

It is very clear that this raid, in addition to the dubious investigation that was tied to it, was an ill-planned political assault on a dangerous adversary. The Democrats made a mistake, and they will be lamenting it for at least the next few months, if not longer.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on National Insiders.

Written by Staff Reports

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