Trump WRECKS Kamala’s Latest Stupidity

Former President Donald Trump used to Twitter on Saturday to criticize Senator Kamala Harris, saying that despite her high office, she is prone to making simple errors. The vice president recently made the error of conflating North and South Korea in his thinking.

Trump spoke at a rally in Michigan, where he brought up the vice president's gaffe and remarked that someone who is considered to be one of the leading candidates in a country like the United States should not be found humiliating the country in such a way. Trump added that the gaffe should not have happened.

According to Harris, the United States of America had an alliance with North Korea at the same time that it had an alliance with South Korea. Harris is surely also experiencing a cognitive impairment, most likely as a result of spending too much time with Biden, just like the president did when he looked for a deceased representative at an event.

During his speech at the rally, Trump stated, I think that was one of the biggest blunders of all. Can you imagine? They are standing on the border, and North Korea is firing missiles in the direction of the other country while she is speaking. While they are launching missiles, she is talking about how North Korea is an ally and a friend of the United States. And when I heard that, I thought, Oh, this is sort of just a – she didn't mean that, and I said it when I heard it.

On Thursday, the Vice President delivered a speech at the Korean Demilitarized Zone, during which he boasted about the relationship that the United States of America maintains with North Korea. She stated that the United States of America and the Republic of North Korea have a very significant relationship, which can be described as an alliance. In addition to this, it is a powerful and long-lasting alliance.

The former head of state went on to say that someone from her staff ought to have corrected her while she was speaking rather than allowing her to make a mockery of herself and the administration of Joe Biden. He mentioned that he would have been quite angry if a member of the staff had corrected him in the manner that was proposed. Trump, on the other hand, stated that he would have been glad to have received the advice in Kamala's circumstance since it was beyond embarrassing.

People in the United States were quick to respond to the gaffe made by the vice president on social media, making fun of her for the trend that is progressively becoming a habit.

According to a tweet posted by Greg Price, Biden glanced around a room for a deceased person.  Kamala is stating that we have an alliance with Kim Jong-Un as well as a significant relationship with him. What a complete and utter catastrophe.

Marsha Blackburn, a Republican senator from Tennessee, was also quick to respond as she attempted to teach the vice president a lesson, tweeting, @KamalaHarris, let me make this easy for you: Taiwan = Ally South Korea = Ally Israel = Ally Chinese Communist Party = Not our ally.  We can't consider North Korea a friend. Iran is not an ally of ours.

Doug Collins, a former representative, was in a state of shock as he pondered how the vice president could continue to make such errors as an adult in the United States of America.

Congressman Troy Nehls continued by saying, Kamala Harris stated that the United States of America and the Republic of North Korea share a very significant relationship, which is an alliance. Nothing to worry about! The Vice President had North Korea at the forefront of his thoughts at all times.

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