Trump’s Iron Fist Curbs Border Chaos: Rio Grande No-Go Zone for Illegals

The border crisis is shifting, and it’s all thanks to the tough stance of the Trump administration. The Rio Grande Valley used to be the hotspot for illegal immigration, but thanks to President Trump’s policies and hard-line approach to border security, those pesky immigrants are thinking twice about where to cross.

With the threat of deportation looming and hostile human smugglers making the region a less-than-desirable place to sneak into, immigrants are reconsidering their options and looking elsewhere to enter the United States.

The Department of Homeland Security has reported that the Rio Grande Valley has the infrastructure in place to quickly receive and deport immigrants from nearby regions, deterring people from attempting to travel there. This means that all those Guatemalans and Hondurans who used to make a beeline for the Rio Grande Valley are now being swiftly flown back to their home countries, thanks to Trump’s no-nonsense approach.

But it’s not just deportation that’s scaring off the immigrants. Escalating cartel violence in Mexico, particularly in Tamaulipas, is also playing a major role in deterring immigrants from crossing into the Rio Grande Valley. Border Patrol union spokesman Chris Cabrera has reported the horrific treatment of immigrants by these criminal organizations, including robbery, rape, and exploitation. This is enough to make anyone think twice about crossing the border in that area.

And the numbers don’t lie. From 2013 to 2021, the Rio Grande Valley was the top spot for immigrant arrests, but a shift began in 2023 when other border regions started to outpace the Rio Grande Valley in apprehensions. Last week, the average number of immigrants arrested by Border Patrol in the region dropped to fewer than 250 per day, a significant decrease from previous years.

This shift is proof that President Trump’s policies are working. The tough stance on deportation, coupled with the escalating cartel violence, is making the Rio Grande Valley a less desirable place for illegal immigrants to cross. And despite what the liberal media might want you to believe, this shift has nothing to do with wishful thinking or the Texas Department of Public Safety’s border security initiative. It’s all thanks to President Trump’s unwavering commitment to securing our borders and enforcing immigration law.

So next time you hear someone spouting off about how we need open borders and amnesty for all, just remember that President Trump’s policies are working, and the numbers don’t lie. The Rio Grande Valley is proof that a tough stance on immigration yields real results.

Written by Staff Reports

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