Trump’s Return: Clapper Trembles at Thought of Payback

In a recent interview on CNN, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper expressed concerns about being put on Donald Trump’s “enemies list” if Trump is elected president in 2024. Clapper, known for his extensive experience in the intelligence community, joined the conversation about Trump’s attacks on General Mark Milley, the outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Clapper found Trump’s statements suggesting that Milley should be executed for his actions in relation to China to be shocking and reprehensible. He emphasized Milley’s long and distinguished service to the country, highlighting the oath that all military members take to support and defend the Constitution, not an individual. Clapper also acknowledged that Milley’s role as Chairman of the JCS was both consequential and controversial, but believed he handled difficult situations well.

When asked if Trump’s attacks on the military marked a shift from his previous criticism of the intelligence community, Clapper stated that he was not surprised. He pointed out Trump’s tendency to label anyone who criticizes or disagrees with him as disloyal or treasonous, despite the legal definition of treason being different. Clapper acknowledged that Trump’s attacks on the intelligence community were not unexpected, but the shift towards the military was concerning.

The interviewer, Abby Phillip, then questioned whether Clapper was concerned about being on Trump’s enemies list, citing General Milley’s comment that he thought Trump would throw his opponents in jail if re-elected. Clapper admitted that he and many others could potentially be on such a list and found it reprehensible. He noted Milley’s skepticism about Trump’s chances of re-election, but expressed his own concerns about being targeted by the former president.

In his commentary, the conservative news writer agrees with Clapper’s criticism of Trump’s statements about Milley and emphasizes the importance of loyalty to the Constitution over loyalty to any individual. The writer also shares Clapper’s concerns about being targeted by Trump’s supposed enemies list if he returns to the presidency.

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