Truth Social Expands into Streaming Seeks Growth and Stability

Truth Social, a social media platform owned by Trump Media & Technology Group, is feeling positive about its future after becoming a publicly traded company. The platform is determined to push forward and combat illegal activities like short selling of its stock.

According to a statement given to Just the News, Truth Social sees its social media platform as just the beginning, with plans to expand into streaming services. They aim to offer documentaries, shows, and television networks that may face cancellation due to biases in the entertainment industry.

In addition to focusing on streaming services, Truth Social is actively considering mergers and acquisitions to enhance its brand. The company is dedicated to enhancing user experience and ensuring the platform’s longevity in the face of potential cancellations.

With over $200 million in funds and a large number of shareholders, Truth Social believes it is well-prepared for the future. The platform has taken steps to address any illegal short selling of its stocks by reaching out to relevant authorities for potential legal action against wrongdoers.

Looking ahead to the 2024 presidential election, Truth Social aims to become a primary source for news and opinions. Their goal is to provide a comprehensive platform for the public to access information.

In the conservative viewpoint, it is commendable to see Truth Social taking proactive measures to protect its company from illegal activities. By expanding into streaming services and prioritizing user experience, the platform is demonstrating a commitment to serving its audience.

Written by Staff Reports

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