Tucker Carlson Shreds Floyd Narrative in Light of Court Bombshells!

In a recent segment of Tucker on X, Tucker Carlson responded to the shocking court documents that suggest prosecutors knew George Floyd was not murdered but pressed charges anyways due to public opinion and threats of violence. This revelation comes after Floyd’s death in May 2020 sparked nationwide riots resulting in over 20 deaths and billions of dollars in property damage.

According to sworn testimony from Hennepin County prosecutors, there was significant pressure to prosecute former police officer Derek Chauvin and the other three officers involved in Floyd’s arrest. Employees of the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, including a prosecutor, withdrew from the case, stating that the pressure to charge the other three officers violated professional and ethical rules.

Tucker Carlson did not hold back in his response to these latest revelations. He highlighted how George Floyd’s death has been used as a tool to enact various changes in American society, such as decriminalizing stealing, defunding the police, and even creating a new holiday called Juneteenth. Carlson sarcastically pointed out that they also sent Chauvin, the supposed “racist white devil,” to prison for over 40 years.

However, Carlson emphasized that Chauvin did not actually murder Floyd. This conclusion is based on a new court case in Hennepin County, Minnesota, brought by Amy Sweezy, a prosecuting attorney who is suing her boss. The lawsuit reveals that the official autopsy stated Floyd did not die from asphyxia or strangulation.

“So this was not a killing,” Carlson stated. “It was yet another narcotics overdose that our country experiences over 100,000 times a year.” He went on to discuss how even the medical examiner recognized this fact but was forced to go along with the public narrative. This deception, according to Sweezy, could end careers.

This unveiling of the truth behind George Floyd’s death raises serious questions about the credibility of the initial narrative and the motivations behind the prosecution. Carlson’s segment sheds light on a disturbing trend where facts are disregarded in favor of pleasing public opinion.

Written by Staff Reports

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