Turner Exposes Biden as “Serial Hoarder” of Classified Intel

House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Mike Turner, a straightforward Republican from Ohio, recently called out Joe Biden as a "Serial Hoarder" during his candid appearance on CBS’ “Face The Nation.” Turner demanded equal treatment for both Biden and former President Donald Trump regarding their handling of classified material. Turner's assertion struck a chord as he highlighted the double standards and the concerning mishandling of sensitive documents by both leaders.

Turner rightly emphasized the troubling implications of these documents falling into the wrong hands and the shared responsibility of Biden and Trump in this regard. He called out the Justice Department's silence on Biden's mishandling of classified information, pointing to an unjust tilt of justice in favor of liberal elites.

Additionally, Turner shared his personal review of documents throughout Biden’s career, uncovering instances of highly classified information being mishandled. This is a severe breach of trust that demands serious attention and accountability.

Turner's fearless call for equal treatment under the law resonated with many Americans who seek transparency, honesty, and a government that prioritizes national security. Regardless of party affiliation, leaders must be held accountable. It's time for the truth to prevail, and for the Justice Department to address these concerns. Chairman Turner's courage in shedding light on Biden's mishandling of classified information is commendable, and Americans hope for an end to this double standard. The safety and security of the nation depend on it. Bravo, Chairman Turner, bravo!

Written by Staff Reports

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