Unchecked Support? Hamas Flag Roams Free in Minnesota!

As protests continue across the country in support of Gaza, it is becoming increasingly clear that these demonstrations are not as peaceful as they claim to be. In the recent “Stand Up for Palestine” protest in Minneapolis, two men on an ATV tore through a road that had been closed for a “die-in” demonstration. The passenger, wearing a ski mask, proudly waved the Hamas flag, showing that the protest was more about supporting Hamas than promoting peace.

What is particularly troubling is the lack of disapproval from the other protestors. Instead of condemning the display, they seemed to reserve their anger for innocent motorists who were simply trying to pass through the area. This shows a disturbing lack of concern for the well-being of others and further highlights the true motives behind these demonstrations.

It is important to remember that as long as Hamas remains in power in Gaza, the lives of both Israelis and Gazans will continue to suffer. Not only does Hamas purposefully launch rocket attacks from civilian areas, endangering their own people, but a significant number of these rockets fail and cause destruction within Gaza itself. This is not a group that is interested in peace or improving the lives of those who do not support their extremist agenda.

Rather than standing with Hamas, those who truly care about the people of Gaza should be standing with Israel. Israel has repeatedly offered opportunities for peace and has taken steps to protect innocent lives, even at great risk to its own security. It is time for protestors to reassess their allegiances and truly stand up for the betterment of the Palestinian people by supporting Israel’s efforts for peace.

Written by Staff Reports

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