US Customs Warns Against Importing Mexican Flowers for Mother’s Day

The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol is reminding people about the dangers and restrictions associated with bringing flowers into the country to give as Mother’s Day gifts, especially those imported from Mexico. Mother’s Day is a very busy time for flower sales, with Americans spending billions of dollars on flowers. However, importing flowers can pose a threat to the nation’s agriculture and environment. Certain flowers, greenery, potted plants, and soil are restricted from being brought into the country in order to prevent the introduction of plant diseases, invasive insects, and parasitic nematodes that could harm the ecosystem and damage habitats throughout the United States. Chrysanthemums, a popular flower from Mexico, are among the prohibited plants because they can carry a fungus known as “Chrysanthemum White Rust,” which could devastate crops and endanger flower growers. Greenery used to fill bouquets and enhance the aesthetic appeal of floral arrangements can also carry pests and diseases, such as the “Murraya” plant, which is a host for a dangerous pest found in citrus. The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol strongly advises citizens to consult its website to learn about the specific restrictions on importing flowers, plant materials, and other agricultural items when returning from traveling abroad. 


Written by Staff Reports

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