US Under Threat: McCarthy Warns of Deadly 1936-Style Enemy Alliance

As Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy is sounding the alarm bells about the dangerous alliance of enemies that is forming against the United States under the weak leadership of Joe Biden. During an appearance on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo, McCarthy expressed his grave concern about the alliance between China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran, comparing it to the Axis powers of 1936.

McCarthy pointed out that President Xi has only left his country one time during the pandemic, and that was for them all to meet. He also noted that under a previous Democrat administration, Russia was allowed back into the Middle East. Now, China is being brought in as a leader, and our allies are turning to China for help. This is a direct result of Biden’s lack of strength and leadership in America, as well as his weak economic and energy policies.

The Speaker’s comments are a stark reminder of the dangers that America is facing due to Biden’s weak leadership. His failure to stand up to our enemies has allowed them to form a dangerous alliance against us, and it is up to conservatives to ensure that we do not become a victim of their ambitions. We must stand up for our values and freedoms and reject any attempts by our enemies to undermine our security and prosperity.

Written by Staff Reports

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