VIDEO: Trump On The Chinese Threat

In a bold move, US President Donald Trump has called on the country to take action against China for its alleged efforts to steal American intellectual property. In a video, he made it clear that China must not be allowed to continue its activities. This warning is likely to cause an international uproar, and tensions between the two nations will rise.

It is no secret that China is becoming more powerful and aggressive on the global stage. This is why it is important for the US to take the necessary steps to address these threats. As news about Trump's explosive declaration about China continues to spread, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

The members of Congress should investigate the connections between the Biden Center and the Trump administration's decision to end its anti-espionage campaign. The president has vowed to shut down China's intelligence agencies, which have been operating in various sectors of the US.

In addition to hunting down known spies, Trump has also ordered the formation of partnerships between universities and businesses in order to prevent spies from infiltrating US organizations. He is committed to protecting the country's national security and will continue taking action whenever he is able to.

In his warning to the nation, Trump has urged Americans to come together as one to ensure the security of the country, especially due to the growing threat of Chinese espionage. In his opening statement, the president made it clear that China's activities are not acceptable.

It has been widely acknowledged that China is becoming more influential and powerful on the global stage. It is therefore crucial that the US takes the necessary steps to address this issue.

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