Vote Biden, Get Harris: The Democrats’ Bait and Switch Plot for a Radical Left Takeover

A vote for Joe Biden in this November’s election is like ordering a two-for-one special where you get Kamala Harris as a presidential bonus. Picture this: they wheel out old Joe for the big speeches, letting him mumble through a teleprompter, while Kamala Harris sharpens her teeth in the background, waiting for her big moment. The Democrats aren’t playing coy about their real plan – it’s a bait and switch. Biden is just the decoy.

Sure, Joe might hobble through a victory night speech, but we all know the clock is ticking until Harris swoops in to claim the Oval Office. With every faltering step Biden takes, Harris gets one stride closer to her dream job. It’s like watching a bad soap opera where the hero is destined to trip over his own two feet, handing the villain the keys to the castle. The progressives cheer, of course, knowing they’ll finally get the puppet master they’ve always wanted.

Biden’s campaign is a Trojan horse, and inside is Kamala Harris, ready to unload her far-left policies on an unsuspecting nation. A vote for Uncle Joe is a fast-track ticket to Harris’ Green New Deal fantasies, tax hikes, and open-border utopia. She’s got all the radical ideas the squad dreams about, but they’ll come with a pretty price tag for everyday Americans.

The Democrats seem to hope the voters are too distracted to notice this political sleight of hand. But anyone paying attention knows that electing Biden essentially means handing the reigns over to Harris before you can say “Medicare for All.” It’s not just about the man on the ticket; it’s about the woman standing eagerly behind him.

One thing is certain: a vote for Joe is a sure bet to usher in President Harris ahead of schedule. The question is, are the American people willing to take that gamble?

Written by Staff Reports

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