WATCH: Biden Give MSNBC a DISASTER of an Interview

On Friday, Joe Biden managed to startle reporters by announcing a “major press conference,” which was a surprise as the President is known for avoiding answering questions in public. This announcement caused chaos among journalists who scrambled to prepare for the event. However, it was later revealed that there was no press conference. This announcement only proved yet again how incompetent the Biden administration has been till this point. Joe Biden, who has been in politics for 50 years, should know the difference between a press conference and a sit-down interview. This incident is bizarre and alarming to say the least.

In contrast to the absence of the anticipated press conference, Biden had an interview with MSNBC later that evening, where he, yet again, defended his son Hunter Biden who is currently facing investigations for his alleged criminal activities. The allegations against Hunter Biden are potentially very dangerous for the administration. Given this situation, it is highly unethical for the President to publicly announce that his son has done “nothing wrong.” The President’s declaration is problematic and questionable, especially with reports of potential political interference in the probe.

The interview also raised concerns about Biden’s age-related performance. Biden couldn’t recall important names like the former president Donald Trump and he mistakenly referred to him as Barack Obama. This claim indicates that the President is grappling with memory lapses which should be seriously concerning to the American public. It is further worrying that Biden’s aides had to intervene to correct him in this regard.

It is not surprising that many Americans are unhappy with the governing outcomes of this presidency. A new poll reveals that both Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis lead Biden by seven points in potential electoral contests. This result is primarily due to the fact that Trump’s economy performed better than Biden’s. Similarly, a considerable majority of Americans believe that Biden lacks the mental agility needed to be an effective leader. This number has sharply decreased from 51% to 32% since Biden announced his candidacy. Again, this result is not unexpected given the performance of the President so far.

Lastly, it is concerning that 58% of democratic-leaning voters want to nominate someone other than Biden for the next election. The President has been in power for less than six months, and his own party is already starting to distance itself from him. The cold feelings about his administration are therefore understandable given the shortcomings of this Presidency. These outcomes are certainly not what America deserves after the many difficult times that we have faced in recent years.

Written by Staff Reports

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