WATCH: Dazed & Confused Biden Needs Help Getting Off the Stage!

First Lady Jill Biden and US President Joe Biden were at the National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. As has been the case a lot lately, the talk quickly turned to Biden's bizarre behaviors on stage.

In what has become an all-too-familiar scene, Biden abruptly ended his speech by staring at the audience and then taking the microphone with him. He was then escorted offstage by his wife.

Joe Biden doesn't look like the leader of the free world. Instead, he seems like he's being escorted by the staff members of a nursing home. It is absurd to think that he is the leader of our country dealing with foreign leaders in the shape he appears to be in.

It's very common for Biden's team to cover up his mistakes and confusion. He has become unfit to lead the country due to his mental health issues. He also doesn't seem capable of making the necessary decisions.

Biden might be re-considering another run for president in 2024. During a recent rally, he told the crowd that he wasn't ready to make a decision about running for re-election yet.

During a CNN interview in June, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is one of the rising stars of the Democratic Party, did not offer an endorsement for Biden's potential presidential run in 2024.

She stated that she believed that the former vice president was doing a good job and that she would support him if he decided to run. However, she noted that right now, the country should be focused on winning the majority.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden's presidency has become a joke. It has become so bad that the public has been asked to just play along with them.

It has become so bad that even his own base is starting to doubt his ability to lead the country after only six months in office. They are also expecting him to be able to hold it together for another four years.

Written by Staff Reports

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