WATCH: DeSantis Responds To Trump’s Attacks!

His stillness has been disturbed. During a press conference on Tuesday, Governor Ron DeSantis addressed a question from a reporter on the criticisms that the former President Trump has levelled at him. DeSantis addressed the matter for the first time and did so flawlessly.

What was his secret? He responded by describing why he believed he was being attacked, but he avoided mentioning any specific attackers or attacks by name. Trump prefers checkers while DeSantis plays chess. In the Panhandle, DeSantis attended Fort Walton Beach High School. He clarified that he is focused on “results and leadership” and that his reelection campaign was a resounding success. Who among us is going to contest that?

attacks by Trump? It’s only noise,

You’ll see that DeSantis makes a not-so-subtle boast about his historic win and how, as the top of the ticket, he made Florida a red state. He spoke about the corporate media as well. He remarked, “When I get out of bed in the morning, corporate media outlets are in a tizzy about the fact that I’m getting up.” He continued, “I would simply advise them to go look out the scoreboard from last Tuesday night,” more forcefully. He boasted about the supermajority in the Legislature and Republican victories around the state. Who better to highlight this level of achievement than the man who put in a lot of effort to lay the foundation for the previous four years?

DeSantis never used the names of any further people. He made snide remarks about the corporate media’s clear bias against him. He did demonstrate that he is a content warrior. It’s shrewd of him to run as Ronald Reagan 2.0. The ugly nature of campaigning has grown old with voters. Thanks to Joe Biden’s incompetence, our country is currently suffering from a malaise akin to that of the 1970s. In Biden’s America, things aren’t fantastic, and there isn’t much time left before the 2024 presidential election for that to change. For instance, the rate of inflation is at a 40-year high and will take some time to decline. In the meantime, a voter curses Joe Biden and his economic policies every time she goes grocery shopping or fills up her petrol tank.

The future is on the minds of voters. While the former president employs his 2015 playbook to try and level the playing field by giving possible opponents unpleasant nicknames and making fun of their wives, DeSantis can plainly describe policies and his intentions. What happens in 2022? Donald Trump will declare his intention to run in the Republican primary tonight, so we’ll find out. DeSantis and any other potential Republican challengers have plenty of time to wait and join the race later, if they so want. Trump ought to hold off until until the December 6 run-off in Georgia, but he never thinks about what is best for the Republican Party; it’s all about him. Trump doesn’t care about a run-off in Georgia; he just wants the attention this declaration will receive right away.

When DeSantis talks about achievement, he constantly makes sure to give credit to others. It’s crucial that he speaks the truth without fear. He is unfussy and doesn’t bother with pretences of humility. Trump should address him as Ron DeSanctimonious. Right now, DeSantis is coated with a fresh layer of Teflon, making this kind of foolishness simply bounce off.

A recent poll commissioned by the Texas Republican Party reveals a change in the nation’s largest red state. Trump is favoured by 10 percentage points less than DeSantis to win the election. That’s a change since Trump was the undisputed front-runner in October. The survey included prospective GOP primary voters.

DeSantis is doing morally correct. He is avoiding Trump’s mudslinging and keeping his powder dry. He is not need to. Yet. He will have to decide how he wants to respond to Trump’s criticisms if he runs and it comes down to the two of them, which it very well may do. He’s brilliant for the time being. Ignoring Donald Trump is the cruellest thing he could ever do to him.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Hot Air.

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