WATCH: Don Lemon Goes OFF On Co-Host’s Interview LIVE On Air

The behavior exhibited by Don Lemon on the "CNN This Morning" show, which included his abusive and egomaniacal behavior toward his co-host, Kait Collins, is further proof that he's a biased and self-centered news anchor.

Don Lemon is a self-centered and egomaniacal news anchor. His behavior on the show today crossed the line. He called off a break to "correct" an interview that his co-host, Kait Collins, did with Republican Congressman James Comer.

Following an off-air incident with co-host Kait Collins, CNN's Don Lemon went even further with his anger.

During a segment about the interview between Collins and Congressman James Comer, Lemon decided to delay the show's commercial break. He said he couldn't believe the statements made by the congressman.

The segment opened with a clip of Collins' interview with James Comer, who is the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight. They then talked about the investigations that are happening in the House.

During the interview, Collins talked about the various controversies that have been happening in the House, such as the leaks of the Twitter Files and the internal emails that show the FBI targeting stories. After reviewing the transcript of the interview, Lemon praised Collins for his interview. He noted that the congressman was citing credible sources as being credible, even though they weren't.

This isn't the first time that Don Lemon has gone after Kait Collins.

According to the Ny Post, tensions on the " CNN This Morning" set have reportedly boiled over, with Lemon allegedly "screaming" at Kaitlan Collins during an off-camera incident in December. It has been reported that the entire crew was shaken by the incident.

After another broadcast, Lemon reportedly approached Collins and accused her of disrupting his show. According to two sources, he was livid at her.

After hearing about the incident, Chris Licht, the CNN CEO, was reportedly appalled by Lemon's behavior. A source claimed that a producer asked Lemon to take a break from the show the next day to "cool off."

The verbal abuse exhibited by Lemon was aimed at Collins because he thought she was conducting her interview in a way that he disagreed with. He also used inappropriate language and showed his disdain for her. He continued to dominate the interview, and he implied that her tactics were off.

This resulted in Lemon trying to control his behavior by dominating her. It's clear that he will do whatever it takes to be right, even if it means belitting someone else on air.

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