Watch Jen Psaki IMMEDIATELY Turn On Joe Biden On MSNBC

Jen Psaki was not the most liked person in the press room, but she did a good job. Her battles with Peter Doocy and her circle back line were interesting, and she was able to help Team Biden by developing a competent relationship with Joe Biden. Her replacement, Jean-Pierre, is an utter failure.

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki is smart to have left Joe Biden's administration before it went from bad to worse. She took a job with MSNBC, which is a far left news outlet, and she has the opportunity to speak the truth about some of the issues that have been negatively affecting the former Vice President.

In her first interview since becoming a part of NBC News, Jen Psaki said that the midterm elections would be a bloodbath for Democrats if the Biden Administration is viewed as a referendum on the president.

If the election is a referendum on the president, Democrats will lose. They also know that crime is a major vulnerability for them, which is why Jen Psaki believes that they are vulnerable.

She also noted that the Pennsylvania Senate race is a potential win for the Republicans, as the soft-on-crime stance of John Fetterman has been a major issue for his campaign.

The former press secretary also noted that the money that is being spent on the campaign has been interesting to her. In Pennsylvania, the Republican Party has been running several crime ads against Fetterman, which are aimed at showing that he is vulnerable.

It has been stated that many of the Democrats running for office are facing tough questions about their soft-on-crime positions. This is because the high crime rates in the country have become an issue for Americans.

Psaki also noted that the economy is hanging over everything that's happening in the country, which is bad news for Biden given the stock market's collapse and the continued economic contraction. She also said that state by state factors are starting to play a role as voters start to size up the candidates.

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