WATCH: Kevin McCarthy Sends Warning On Leadership Position

After another election steal, the Republicans barely won the House of Representatives. Had the election been conducted differently, the number of seats that would have been allocated to the party would have been 40 higher. Instead, we have a new method of choosing people.

After winning the House, the Republicans must choose a new speaker. Usually, this would be the minority leader. However, this year, Kevin McCarthy was chosen as the House's top pick.

Many of the House's Republican members will not support McCarthy as the next speaker due to various reasons.

He reportedly lives with Frank Luntz,

He's against the MAGA movement.

He also doesn't stand for anything.

Many House members say they’ll never vote for McCarthy.

McCarthy is not a strong leader at a time when the country is under communist attack. He doesn't seem to care about the situation and allows the Democrats to do whatever they want.

Many House members say they’ll never vote for McCarthy: Read at The Gateway Pundit.

McCarthy is now warning of disaster if he is not voted Speaker.

In a video released by CNN, McCarthy stated that if he is not chosen as the next speaker, it will be a disaster for the House.

The Republican elite should stop playing games and sit down. Americans don't like the way they are doing things.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on The Gateway Pundit.

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