WATCH: New SCOTUS Judge Turns Religious Liberty Case Into Racial Argument

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who was appointed by Joe Biden to the Supreme Court, tried her best to make the case about race before the justices today. She also used an analogy to make the point.


This is idiotic.

The idea that people who are choosing to get married to someone of the same sex are not the same as individuals who were born white or brown is not true. Race is a part of who you are as a person, and it reflects your family ancestry.

Getting married to someone of the same sex is a decision that you make based on your preference. I don't have to agree with your choice, and I can't force you to do so. I have the right to make my own decisions regarding my life and business.

Let's assume that there is a wedding photographer who only does websites and photos for gay couples. This is their niche, and they don't discriminate against anyone. Colorado would not be able to accuse them of discrimination. Since gay people are the majority, nobody cares if the photographer does not do services for straight people.

It's like when people claim that black people can't be racist because whites are the majority. This is just garbage to justify insanity.

It's like when race hustlers make the claim that black people can't be racist against whites because they are the majority. It's just garbage to justify insanity. I hope one of the justices takes note of Judge KBJ's idiocy when the final decision regarding same-sex marriage comes out next year.

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