WATCH: Tucker RIPS Crooked Democrat’s Shady Campaign Fund Spending

Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently criticized Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) over his latest campaign financial reports, which revealed that he took luxurious trips to Miami and New York City at the expense of his campaign donors. Carlson jested by stating that when Swalwell is not busy getting involved with Chinese spies through alleged honeypot operation like Christine Fang, he spends his time traveling the world on his donors’ dime. It seems that Swalwell enjoys being pampered, sipping umbrella drinks, sporting gold chains, and even wearing a chest wig.

Swalwell, who co-chaired the House Democratic Steering Committee since 2016, has no qualms about reporting his lavish excursions. For instance, last summer, he reported renting a limousine and hosting a fundraising event at the Parisian five-star hotel, Ritz. It’s miles from being associated with the 14th congressional district southwest of San Francisco.

Chadwick Moore, a contributor at The Spectator, joined Carlson to discuss the grandiose spending habits of the congressman. Moore shared that the Swalwell campaign spent over $11,000 on hotels in Miami Beach, roughly $8,000 in Times Square New York, and $6,000 in West Hollywood, California. One can only assume that Swalwell went to drag queen brunches or other exciting events. However, they did spend nearly $10,000 in Las Vegas, which is not surprising, given that it’s home to many Indian and Chinese casinos. In his jest, Moore stated that it would be more patriotic for Swalwell to blow $10,000 in Las Vegas than to send it to Ukraine.

Swalwell was a presidential candidate for three months in 2019 before dropping out when poll numbers didn’t work in his favor. He faced scrutiny when the incoming Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy removed him from the House Intelligence Committee in January over his connection with a suspected Chinese spy who landed an intern position in Swalwell’s office. Swalwell dismissed McCarthy’s move as “political vengeance.

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