WATCH: Tulsi Gabbart Just DESTROYED George Santos to His Face!

Tulsi Gabbard criticized George Santos, who will be serving as the new Congressman from New York, for having "embellishments" in his resume.

During an interview on Tucker Carlson's Fox News program, which she was filling in for, she called out Santos for lying and asked him if he had no shame.

Santos then said that Biden had been intentionally lying to the American public for a long time, and that the Democrats have no shame. Biden is the US president, and the Democrats have supported him.

Gabbard then stopped him and said this issue was not about the Democratic party.

This came after Santos had admitted to "embellishing" some of his resume in an interview with the New York Post.

He then admitted that he had never worked for either Citigroup or Goldman Sachs. He also said that his previous statements about his employment at these companies were poor.

He also addressed the allegations that he had lied about his Jewish ancestry, saying that he did not claim to be Jewish.

Due to the statements made by Santos, a growing number of Democrats have called for him to resign. Despite this, Republicans, including the leadership of the party, have remained silent on the issue.

Rep.-elect Anthony D'Esposito of Long Island criticized Santos, saying that his constituents were badly hurt by his actions.


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