Watters Exposes Dems’ Ballot Harvesting Scheme Amid Election Chaos

Fox News host Jesse Watters unleashed a scathing takedown of the widespread and shady ballot harvesting antics orchestrated by Democrats all over the country during this year’s pivotal elections. Watters shone a spotlight on a Democratic operative with a criminal rap sheet who’s now in hot water for allegedly illicitly gathering hundreds of ballots for a Connecticut mayor. The audacious revelations unfolded during Watters’ Wednesday night program, exposing the controversy surrounding Wanda Geter, a Bridgeport city employee laboring for Mayor Joe Ganim and currently on paid leave following damning footage capturing her surreptitiously packing hundreds of ballots into a drop box. A judge recently ruled that the Democratic primary must be held anew due to the plethora of tainted ballots, potentially tipping the scales in Ganim’s favor, who had been declared the victor.

Geter, who hauls in a cushy $60,000 every year as the mayor’s operations director, was already embroiled in a separate ballot harvesting scandal from previous years and shockingly had been bestowed the “Ballot Harvester of the Year” award by the Connecticut Democratic Party. Watters minced no words as he rattled off Geter’s laundry list of transgressions, including drug possession, assault, vandalism, resisting arrest, and a smorgasbord of parole violations. “Help me, Wanda!” Watters lashed out.


The Fox segment didn’t stop there, as it featured footage from an independent city government auditor who clashed with Geter after she imperiously ordered him to vacate the premises, going so far as to fabricate a fake name, Cheryl, when confronted. “Did you lie to me when you said your name is Cheryl? Everyone is calling you Wanda,” the auditor questioned. “Yes it is, my name is Wanda. So what, who are you?” she haughtily retorted.

Watters admonished that the malfeasance runs deeper than just one rotten apple. “When the ballots are being tampered with by individuals like Wanda who operate in the vicinity of the mayors’ offices, it’s a sign of a deeply entrenched cheating apparatus,” he exclaimed.

Moreover, the alarming allegations didn’t stop at Connecticut’s borders. In Springfield, Massachusetts, a Democratic city councilor eying the entrenched incumbent Democratic mayor appeared to be embroiled in a dubious scheme, allegedly doling out ten dollars to homeless individuals per each vote cast in his favor. Meanwhile, in New Jersey, a Democratic politico stands accused of obliterating an undisclosed number of absentee ballots and submitting replacements that he had filled out himself – all in his bid to bolster his own prospects.

While Republicans weathered a slew of disappointing electoral outcomes on Tuesday night, with finger-pointing directed at the Republican National Committee, Watters spotlighted how the Democratic Party must also answer to its own set of woes after clinching victories in various races. This exposes the underbelly of Democrat-led shenanigans and casts a lurid shadow over the integrity of the electoral process.

Written by Staff Reports

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