White House Denies Manipulated Videos of Biden as Right-Wing Fabrications

The White House has given a few reasons for the appearance of videos on the internet showing President Joe Biden in unflattering situations. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre quickly dismissed the videos, including those of former President Barack Obama and Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni appearing to assist Biden during public events, as "cheap fakes." She claimed that these were manipulated videos created by right-wing critics of the president and were nothing more than "deep fakes."

Jean-Pierre continued to criticize these videos, stating that instead of reviewing the president's performance in office, the focus has shifted to these false videos. She also mentioned that the claims made in the videos have been fact-checked and disproven by several sources, including conservative media. Specifically, the White House refuted reports about Biden freezing during an event with Obama and being guided offstage by the former president. They insisted that the interaction between Biden and Obama was nothing more than a display of their friendship and closeness.

The White House also addressed a video from the G7 summit in Italy, where Italian Prime Minister Meloni appeared to assist Biden during a public event. Jean-Pierre emphasized that Biden was interacting with the skydivers and that Meloni was informing him about a presentation, contrary to the depiction in the video.
Lastly, the press secretary defended Biden's decision not to dance during the Juneteenth celebrations at the White House, suggesting that it was not unusual for him to refrain from dancing and that it was not a health issue.

Polls indicate that voters, including Democrats, express concerns about Biden's age, although the president and other party members continue to assert his fitness for office. President Biden stated that he can fully execute the presidency's responsibilities.

Written by Staff Reports

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