White House Faces Scrutiny Over Biden’s Neurologist Visits

Chaos erupted at the White House briefing after Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed that President Joe Biden has visited a neurologist three times during his presidency as part of his annual physical. This revelation follows reports indicating consultations between Biden’s primary physician and a Parkinson’s disease specialist at the White House earlier this year.

Rep. Ronny Jackson, who served as the White House physician for both Presidents Trump and Obama, pointed out that such meetings are likely centered on Biden’s health, given the main responsibility of the White House physician. Despite these concerns, Jean-Pierre remained evasive during the briefing, refusing to address specific reports or confirm the presence of specialists mentioned in the visitor logs. 


Amidst the growing questions about Biden’s health, tensions rose as Jean-Pierre struggled to control the narrative. The press secretary’s inclusion of a new detail about Biden’s verbal check-ins with his doctor during exercise failed to quell suspicions. Despite assurances that Biden is not being treated for Parkinson’s Disease or taking medication for it, doubts continue to linger.

With the White House losing control of the situation, the mainstream media shows no intention of letting the issue fade away. The lack of transparency regarding Biden’s health appointments only fuels speculation and raises concerns about the president’s fitness to serve effectively.

Written by Staff Reports

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