White House Logs Reveal Joe’s Meeting with Hunter’s Business Associates

Fox News Digital has obtained emails and White House visitor logs, which suggest that President Joe Biden met with three of Hunter Biden’s business associates during his tenure as Vice President. The meeting reportedly took place in the summer of 2011 and was aimed at discussing a lucrative business opportunity involving bonds worth billions of dollars.

The meeting’s revelation is concrete evidence that then-presidential candidate Biden lied about knowing his son’s corrupt business dealings. During a campaign event Iowa in 2019, when Peter Doocy of Fox News asked Biden how many times had he talked to his son about his overseas business dealings, Biden claimed that he had never spoken to his son about the matter. However, the disclosed emails demonstrate otherwise.

During the 2011 White House meeting, Hunter Biden and his business partner were discussing the bond deal with Sean Conlon, the founder of Conlon & Co. According to an email forwarded to Hunter and his business partner, this deal hinged on Hunter arranging a meeting between his father and two of Conlon’s associates.

Hunter’s business partners were also in discussions with Nagi Ghawi, the Chairman and President of Mercantile Investment Group, about the deal’s possibility, who sent the contract to Conlon. The energy executive David Gamperl considered that the business deal had “a real business model here” and that it could generate a “substantial profit.”

The identities of other associates present during the meeting remain unclear. However, the disclosure raises fresh questions about the Biden family’s business dealings.

Hunter and his business partner seemed to resist arranging the meeting between their father and the associates who were reportedly in discussions for an additional $21 billion bond deal. However, according to White House visitor logs reviewed by Fox News Digital, Alan Hoffman, Joe Biden’s then-deputy chief of staff, met the associates along with David Gamperl. The meeting took place despite initial indications from Sean Conlon, another one of Hunter’s associates, that a brief introduction would suffice.

The emails suggest Hunter tried to secure a meeting between his father and the associates to move bonds worth billions. The newly released emails provide further evidence that the most serious charges of foreign agent registration problems are looming and need to be addressed. If these persons met with the Vice President, at Hunter’s behest, who was being paid directly or indirectly to arrange that meeting, then Hunter would have had to register as a foreign agent of that foreign entity.

In conclusion, President Biden lied about knowing Hunter’s corrupt business dealings, and the new revelations raise fresh questions about the potential conflicts of interest involving the Biden family’s business dealings.

Written by Staff Reports

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