White House Scrambles to Defend Biden After Debate Missteps

The White House is trying its hardest to sweep President Biden’s latest debate blunders under the rug, dismissing the growing evidence of his mental lapses as “cheap fakes.” After last week’s debate performance where Biden struggled to articulate his thoughts and seemed utterly lost at times, the Administration is now in full damage control mode.

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced a barrage of questions about the White House’s latest stunt – labeling any video that paints Biden in an unflattering light as misinformation. Despite the clear struggle to keep his train of thought during the debate against former President Trump, the White House insists on brushing off any criticism as fake news.

Jean-Pierre, showing no remorse, stood firm that attacking media outlets for allegedly spreading falsehoods was completely justified. She doubled down, claiming that so-called “independent, mainstream fact-checkers” agree with their narrative and that the videos are merely targeting the president unfairly.

This spin machine is working overtime to save face, as Democratic officials are reportedly in a panic over Biden’s performance. Apparently, the president is now busy with a flurry of meetings, trying to convince Democratic governors and lawmakers that everything is fine. One has to wonder, how many of these conversations are carefully scripted to keep him on track.

The latest antics from the White House are just another example of the administration’s commitment to deflect any criticism and avoid addressing the real issue – Biden’s apparent cognitive decline. With Fourth of July celebrations around the corner, the president seems more focused on damage control than actually leading the nation.

So, as the circus continues, it appears “cheap fakes” are the new scapegoat for any criticism heading Biden’s way. It remains to be seen how long this charade can hold up before the American public demands more than just another round of White House spin.

Written by Staff Reports

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