Whitmer Flirts With VP Role Under Harris if Biden Bows Out for 2024

So, Michigan’s very own Governor Gretchen Whitmer decided to dangle a little bait in front of the Washington elites this week, hinting she might not slam the door on playing second fiddle to Kamala Harris if Joe Biden checks out for 2024. On “The View,” Whitmer, with all the enthusiasm of a kid heading to the dentist, said she wasn’t really gunning for a gig in D.C., but also wasn’t ruling it out. Sounds like someone’s trying to have their cake and eat it too.

Whitmer confidently stated that Washington doesn’t tickle her fancy, but she’ll never say never—how convenient. This might come as a shocker to her Michigan constituents who remember her promising to serve out her term. Imagine that, another politician with a wobbly definition of commitment. She also tried to clear the air about a little chat where she allegedly said Michigan was off the table for Biden’s 2024 prospects—denying she ever uttered those words. The plot thickens, as she claims it was just a private conversation that got leaked. Ah, the drama of the political theater.

Of course, Whitmer’s discomfort with being considered a potential presidential stand-in is laughable at best. In an interview with the Associated Press, she lamented any mention of her name as a distraction, because, you know, she’s laser-focused on the good people of Michigan. One has to wonder if “distraction” is code for unwanted scrutiny as she eyes the greener pastures of national politics.

A YouGov survey following the latest presidential debate paints a grim picture for the Democrats. Almost half of Americans think it might be time for Biden to hang up his hat for 2024. No kidding. Among the Democratic contenders, Whitmer’s name is making the rounds, right alongside the ever-popular Kamala Harris and California’s own progressive poster boy, Gavin Newsom.

Despite her protests, Whitmer’s name swirling as a potential replacement for Biden suggests she’s already being sized up for the role. So, while she publicly pooh-poohs the idea, don’t be surprised if she ends up on the national stage, doing the political two-step. Governor Whitmer might say she’s not interested in D.C., but actions – and sometimes words whispered in private – speak louder than a thousand TV interviews.

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