Why Biden’s Oil Strategy Won’t Work


Gas and oil prices and inflation may destroy Biden and his government. Over a million Americans distrust his leadership.

Biden blames everyone else. Biden and his colleagues have repeatedly blamed Putin for invading Ukraine.

Biden promised a solution. When he tries, costs rise.

He plans to beg Arab oil tycoons for more production.

Arab states don't cooperate. Saudi Arabia smiled and said, "Sorry, no can do."

Biden still works. Stupidity persists. According to the Daily Mail, his next target is the UAE's leader.

Problem. Macron said UAE won't help Biden.

Current G7 summit. Biden meets foreign leaders.

Newsweek reports that Biden was told to beg the UAE on Monday about gas prices and the US's need for more oil. Macron overheard game-changing advice.

Pardon the interruption. MbZ rang. He gave two points. I'm full… saying

Second, Saudi Arabia can increase production by 150 kbd or more, but not for six months.

Neither Arab country can help US oil. They can't/won't help.

Jake Sullivan, Biden's national security adviser, urged Macron to avoid cameras.

The UAE Energy Minister later confirmed this. Newsweek reports that he said the UAE will produce near our maximum capacity until their current agreement expires.

US production can't increase.

Social media users noted Biden's pleading tone while discussing offshore drilling bans. We know he's delayed new on-shore drilling and canceled an Alaska oil lease sale.

How could we forget his first-day rejection of one of the US's largest oil pipelines?

Twitter: "Insane." Before Saudi Arabia and UAE were depleted.

Biden disagrees. Instead, he'll keep the only promise he's made: eliminating fossil fuels.

Americans can't work, eat, or help our dying economy. 

This is on Biden…

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