WOW: Democrat Claims Biden Docs Were ‘Planted’

According to Hank Johnson, a Democrat from Georgia, the documents found at Joe Biden's home may have been planted.

Johnson called for an investigation into the matter, as he claimed that there were classified documents in the former vice president's garage.

Johnson doubted the authenticity of the documents, and he said that they might have been planted by malicious actors.

In response to the allegations, Johnson stated that there are many pieces of information that need to be investigated. These include the classified documents found in Biden's home.

He also stated that he is not ruling out the possibility that the documents were intentionally planted. However, he noted that he is still open to the idea of an investigation.

In 2010, Johnson made headlines after he raised concerns about the growing number of people on Guam. He said that he was worried that the island might capsize due to the number of people on it.

In recent days, Biden has been in the spotlight after it was revealed that some of the documents that were stored in his Washington, DC, think tank were unsecured. Then, it was revealed that another batch of documents was found in his garage.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

Written by Staff Reports

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