WOW: Top Dem Calls For Obama 2024

In a recent op-ed for The Hill, Doug McKinnon, a former White House and Pentagon official, proposed that if President Joe Biden decides not to seek a second term in office, the Democrat party should consider former First Lady Michelle Obama as a potential candidate. McKinnon's suggestion stems from a Politico report indicating that senior Democrat party leaders are reluctant to replace Biden as a candidate due to concerns about Vice President Kamala Harris's perceived unpopularity and lack of competency to run the entire country.

McKinnon identified Obama as one of four former high-profile figures who could potentially serve as a last-ditch effort candidate to rescue the Democratic Party from collapse. The other three individuals mentioned in his proposal are John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore, all of whom are over the age of 70 and lack the level of inclusivity and lack of tarnished reputation possessed by Obama.

The complicating factor is that Obama has consistently stated on numerous occasions that she has no desire to run for president, both presently and in the future. She has been unequivocal in expressing her lack of interest.

Despite this, Democrats continue to hold out hope for a potential Michelle Obama presidential campaign. McKinnon is correct in stating that Obama would be a strong contender, given her favorable public image during her husband's presidency and her subsequent success with a popular memoir and national tour alongside Oprah, which was unfortunately cut short due to the COVID pandemic.

In contrast to the other three potential candidates, Obama lacks the same level of negative factors such as controversies like Benghazi, failed presidential bids, health issues, and hypocrisy on issues like climate change by using private jets. She shares Kamala Harris's identity as a Black woman, but many believe Obama could potentially govern the country more effectively. She also possesses more favorable qualities than other prospective Democratic candidates, including California Governor Gavin Newsom, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren,  and controversial Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who have expressed interest in seeking the party's nomination.

Michelle Obama is generally well-liked by the public and holds a strong following within the Democratic Party. If she were to run against Trump, the race would likely become a contest of personalities, and Trump would likely be defeated, unless there are any unfavorable revelations that currently remain unknown to the public and are not addressed by Obama.

It appears that the Democratic Party is currently limited to Biden and Harris as their potential candidates. Unless they can persuade Obama, who has already achieved considerable financial success through her book, Netflix deal, and her husband's speaking engagements, and is enjoying a life of luxury in two multi-million dollar homes in Washington D.C. and Martha's Vineyard, to enter the race, the party will be left with suboptimal options in comparison to Biden.

The Democrats will have no choice but to continue to support Biden, even if it means propping him up "Weekend at Bernie's" style for another five and a half years. At 80 years old, it's understandable that Biden may make mistakes and struggle to communicate effectively, but it is far from ideal for the party. Conversely, when Harris makes similar gaffes, along with her distinctive cackle, it creates a sense of unease rather than confidence, which is not what one would expect from a presidential ticket. Although neither of them may be fully qualified to lead the country, they are currently the best options available for the Democratic Party.

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