Yellen Admits Price Surge as Americans Buckle Under Biden’s Inflation Crisis

There might be an actual breakthrough in honesty from the Biden administration of all places, as Janet Yellen claimed she isn’t shocked by the jaw-dropping rise in grocery prices. Apparently, the Treasury Secretary has tuned into the struggles of everyday Americans, who have been battling the runaway inflation unleashed under the current administration.

While most Americans are left wondering how many more pounds of flesh Big Government plans to extract from their wallets, Yellen’s admission is like watching a weatherman predict rain right after the downpour has soaked everyone. The shockwave from the bizarrely truthful statement might just be the most transparent thing seen out of Washington in ages.

One has to wonder what took so long for this admission, considering the not-so-mysterious inflation monster rampaging through the economy. Perhaps the bigwigs in D.C. decided it was easier to admit the truth rather than try to sidestep the glaring realities that even a blindfolded bat could see. As Americans choose between paying the electric bill and filling their grocery carts, it’s reassuring to know that the Secretary isn’t living in some alternate reality.

What’s next on the tour of clear admissions? Could it be that bridges are crumbling, or that the border “situation” is more porous than Swiss cheese? In the fog of liberal policy failures, one could only hope for that kind of candidness about other critical issues plaguing the nation.

The irony remains heavy as average families and working folks are left to deal with the consequences of these so-called progressivist policies. However, if Yellen’s comment is a sign of more transparency to come, there might be a rare silver lining in the dark cloud hanging over Biden’s America.

Written by Staff Reports

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