You WON’T BELIEVE What Biden Just Said About Trump’s Presidency

Joe Biden’s recent verbal slip-up in Philadelphia, where he admitted Donald Trump “maybe the future president”, is yet another example of the former Vice President’s lack of mental acuity. Biden’s admission of Trump’s potential future presidency is also reflected in recent polls, which showed Trump taking a hypothetical lead over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. This is a clear indication that the impending juggernaut that is Trump cannot be stopped, and that Biden is not the man to lead America into the future.

Hundreds of Democrat U.S. lawmakers have also admitted they do not want Biden to run in 2024, and multiple polls have revealed that voters do not want Biden to be the party’s nominee either. This is due to a variety of reasons, including disastrous foreign policy decisions, horrible economic conditions, and skyrocketing inflation.

Questions are also swirling about Biden’s mental health, with podcast host Joe Rogan recently laying out why he would vote for Trump over Biden, declaring the president as mentally “gone”. Former White house physician Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) has also warned that Biden’s cognitive decline would eventually lead America into world war 3.

However, First Lady Jill Biden was having none of it, slamming questions about her husband’s cognitive performance as “ridiculous”. But the facts speak for themselves – Biden is clearly not fit to run a country, let alone be the leader of the free world. His recent verbal slip-up in Philadelphia is just another example of his incompetence and lack of mental acuity, and it is clear that Donald Trump is the only viable option for America’s future president.

Written by Staff Reports

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