Zelensky Sounds Alarm: WW3 Right Around The Corner

In a warning to China and Russia, Ukraine's President stated that the world could be in for a third world war due to their ongoing aggressions.

Ukrainian President Viktor Zelensk warned on Monday that a potential alliance between China and Russia could lead to World War III. His warning came just a day after US Vice President Joe Biden visited Kyiv. It was revealed that China was considering providing weapons to Russia's military.

According to Zelenskiy, China should not support Russia's actions in the region. He stated that he would like for the country to be on Ukraine's side, but he doesn't think it's possible at the moment.

China responded by saying that the US doesn't have the power to make demands. This was after a senior official from the US warned China about the possible weapons supply to Russia.

Ukraine's President stated that China has an opportunity to make a more pragmatic assessment of the situation regarding its relationship with Russia. He noted that if China supports Russia, then a world war will be triggered.

The Jerusalem Post has pointed out that China's growing support for Russia could trigger a global conflict.

The warning from Zelensky came after the US warned China.

Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, warned China's top diplomat Wang Yi about the consequences of supporting Russia's invasion of Ukraine. In an interview, Blinken noted that the US was worried that China might be planning on supplying weapons to Moscow.

In an interview with Die Welt, Zelenskiy noted that Ukraine had passed on information about a potential coup in Moldova to its President Maia Sandu.

The situation in Moldova has become worse after the country's government expelled five Russian diplomats. It was allegedly involved in a failed coup attempt. The Kremlin noted that the relationship between Russia and Moldova was now tense.

The Foreign Ministry of Russia condemned the expulsion, and it has promised to take retaliatory measures. It's not clear what Russia will do next, but it's widely expected that it will impose economic, trade, and travel restrictions on Moldova.

This incident highlights the tension between Russia and the former Soviet states, including those that are trying to improve their ties with Europe. Moldova is one of the countries that is considering joining NATO, which has angered Russia.

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