68% Say Biden’s Ethics Shaky: Family Scandals Exposed!

Joe Biden’s questionable behavior and ethics have not gone unnoticed by the American people. In fact, a staggering 68% of Americans believe that Biden has engaged in unethical behavior during his tenure as president. And that’s not all – more than half of those individuals are convinced that these actions actually cross the line into illegal territory.

It’s truly astonishing to see such widespread mistrust in our nation’s leader. Biden may try to portray himself as a friendly old grandpa, but behind closed doors, he’s an insidious old man who wouldn’t hesitate to throw his own son under the bus to make a quick buck or two.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways Biden has ensured his family’s prosperity. For starters, there’s the improper use of Air Force Two – a blatant abuse of power. And who can forget the questionable job Hunter Biden landed on the board of an energy company, despite lacking any qualifications? It’s clear that nepotism runs deep in the Biden household. And don’t even get me started on Frank Biden’s fortunate escape from legal repercussions following a fatal car crash.

It’s no wonder that America has lost faith in Joe Biden, especially among Republicans. Approximately 66% of Republicans believe that both Hunter Biden and Joe Biden have committed unlawful acts together. Count me as one of those individuals who firmly holds this belief. In fact, I don’t just think they’ve committed crimes together – I know they have.

Just take a look at the absurd prices people are willing to pay for Hunter Biden’s so-called artwork. Frankly, it’s hard to even consider it art. Even a preschooler’s parent wouldn’t proudly display those pieces on their fridge! It’s clear that these exorbitant amounts are being paid not for the art itself, but for political favors.

And let’s not forget about Hunter Biden’s deadbeat tendencies. He relies on Daddy Joe to support his own lifestyle because he can’t seem to manage it on his own. The only way Hunter knows how to make money is by cashing in on his father’s connections. He has never earned a paycheck in his life, except perhaps for the lawsuit he filed to reduce his financial responsibilities towards his own daughter. It’s ironic how the very thing that granted him all his privileges is now being fought against in court.

The entire Biden family is a disgrace, plain and simple. And it seems that the rest of America agrees. Our nation deserves better than these unethical and morally bankrupt leaders. It’s time for a change, a real change that values integrity and upholds the principles that our great nation was founded upon.

Written by Staff Reports

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