Nigerian Powerhouse Bello Yusuf: A Giant in Commerce and Politics Dies at 76

Nigeria is grieving the loss of Bello Maitama Yusuf, a two-time senator and former minister of commerce. The 76-year-old former official passed away in Kano State on Friday after a brief illness. As a well-known Islamic scholar, Maitama held significant positions in the Nigerian government for several decades. From 1980 to 1982, he served as the Minister of Interior, followed by his tenure as the Minister of Commerce from 1982 to 1983. Later, he represented the Jigawa South-West area in the National Assembly from 1999 to 2007 as a member of the All People’s Party.

Aside from his political career, Maitama was a thriving entrepreneur. After completing his education at North Gate University in Washington, he founded a successful construction company called Quartz Integrated Services Nigeria Limited. With his involvement in multiple construction companies, Maitama accumulated significant wealth and became one of the world’s billionaires. His accomplishments extended beyond politics and business as he pursued a career in law, served as chief registrar at the Chief Magistrate’s Court in Kano, and even acted as the minister of Youth, Sports, and Culture for a period of time.

Notable figures, including Nigerian President Bola Tinubu, expressed their sadness at Maitama’s passing. President Tinubu praised Maitama’s dedication to Nigeria’s unity and stability, as well as his contributions to the socio-economic development of the country. He also commended Maitama for his role in defending Nigeria’s democracy from anti-democratic forces. The Jigawa State government also paid tribute to Maitama, highlighting his selfless service and his indelible contribution to national unity and democracy.

The passing of Bello Maitama Yusuf is a significant loss for Nigeria. His dedication to public service and his accomplishments in various fields are commendable. Nigerians will remember him for his role in countering threats to democracy and his commitment to improving the lives of his fellow citizens. His legacy will continue to inspire future leaders.

Written by Staff Reports

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