86% Say Biden Too Old for 2nd Term: Stumbles, Gaffes, and Senility Unfit for Office

In the most recent polls, a whopping 86% of Americans agree that Joe Biden is simply too old to even consider running for a second term. It’s no secret that Uncle Joe has been stumbling and fumbling through his presidency, and the people have taken notice. Even comparing him to fellow senior citizen Donald Trump doesn’t make his age any less of an issue. The man can’t even gracefully board Air Force One without nearly taking a tumble!

It seems that Biden’s cognitive decline has even caught the attention of special counsel Robert Hur, who filed a report regarding the president’s concerning memory lapses and intentional mishandling of classified materials, leading to widespread worry about his ability to lead the nation. Despite these alarming findings, federal prosecutors decided not to press charges, citing Biden’s advanced age and senility.

Recently, Biden left the whole nation scratching their heads when he casually mentioned having conversations with deceased European leaders during his campaign events. The media is certainly playing a double game, constantly hinting at his advanced age while also downplaying the severity of his mental deterioration. CNN, surprisingly, was among the critics during Biden’s address following the release of the Hur report, suggesting that he’s doing a disservice to the party by refusing to step down. Yet, when the president became defensive and mixed up the heads of state, suddenly he’s in the clear? It’s quite the sight to see how the media has been conveying conflicting messages about Biden’s mental acuity.

Even more absurd are the past claims by reporters about Biden’s mental sharpness. From claims of him being “mentally acute” to having “the gears of his mind working,” it’s becoming increasingly difficult to take these assessments seriously. It’s almost comical to think that anyone would believe the man has full control over his mental faculties. At this point, we need solid video evidence of coherent and engaged public conversations from Biden, if such a thing even exists. The reality is clear – no one is buying into the notion that Chocolate Chip Cookie Man has it all together. It’s time for the media to drop the charade and present the public with the unvarnished truth about Biden’s mental state.

Written by Staff Reports

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