Trump Slams NY Judge’s $355M Witch Hunt: Impartiality Lost?

Former President Donald Trump has once again shown no fear in calling out the rampant corruption in our judicial system, specifically taking aim at Judge Arthur Engoron for his biased and unfair ruling in the New York civil trial against Trump.

The judge’s outrageous decision to fine Trump $355 million for alleged property value inflation is nothing short of a witch hunt. It’s clear that Judge Engoron had his mind made up before the trial even began, showing no regard for the evidence presented by Trump.

Trump rightfully pointed out that Mar-A-Lago, a property he knows like the back of his hand, was severely undervalued by the court. It’s absurd to ignore the immense brand value that properties like Mar-A-Lago hold, which Judge Engoron conveniently overlooked.

Not only did the banks suffer no losses from Trump’s loans, they were more than willing to work with him and had thoroughly vetted the property valuations. Yet, Judge Engoron still saw fit to impose this outrageous fine. It’s a clear abuse of power and a disgrace to our legal system.

The biased remarks made by Judge Engoron during the trial only further prove his lack of impartiality. Calling Trump a “bad guy” is not only unprofessional but also shows a clear bias against the former President. This is not justice; this is a politically motivated attack.

The implications of this unjust verdict go beyond just financial strain on the Trump Organization. The ban on Trump and his sons from running their own business is a severe overreach of power. Letitia James, a known Trump opponent, seems all too eager to destroy the Trump Organization, even as Trump has paid his fair share of taxes while the city struggles with illegal immigration issues.

It’s clear that this verdict is not about justice but about silencing a conservative voice in the business world. The Supreme Court may need to step in to correct this miscarriage of justice and protect the rights of all Americans, including those on the right.

Written by Staff Reports

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