A Vulnerable House Democrat Is Penalized With Unpaid Property Taxes

Just three years after being the subject of media investigation for persistent tax evasion, Democratic Representative Matthew Cartwright of Pennsylvania was slammed with tax penalties in 2021 for late payments on his apartment.

According to records from the District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue that were reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon, Cartwright owed $436.63 in penalties and interest for late property tax payments on the Washington, D.C. condo that he shares with his wife. The condo is located in the District of Columbia.

The congressman, who is embroiled in a close fight against Republican candidate Jim Bognet, may have a problem on his hands now that he has heard the news. According to Fox News, Cartwright refused to answer on Tuesday whether or not he supports a Democratic-backed inflation bill that is projected to boost taxes on middle-income people. The bill was introduced by Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The Free Beacon reached out to Cartwright for comment but did not receive a response from him.

Cartwright's history of paying his taxes late has been used as ammunition in his previous political campaigns. In 2018, Cartwright's opponent released an advertisement that criticised the congressman for supporting tax increases "while refusing to pay taxes on his luxury Washington condo." The commercial was part of a campaign to unseat Cartwright.

At the time, Cartwright explained his years of overdue payments by claiming that they were a "oversight." According to the Associated Press, between 2013 and 2018, he had piled up a total of $3,700 in fines and interest payments that were associated with delinquencies.

According to a report by the Associated Press, in 2015, the city sent a notice to Cartwright warning that the condo would be put up for sale if the outstanding issue was not handled.

Cartwright was quoted as saying to the media organization, "This is a very busy job that I have and I'm working really hard at it." He also mentioned that he had apparently paid the back penalties and taxes for each of the aforementioned instances.

This year, the contest for Cartwright's seat in the House of Representatives in Pennsylvania is one of two that are considered to be competitive and might determine which party has the majority in the lower chamber.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Free Beacon.

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