New Ukrainian Batches Quit As Russia Grinds On

Zelensky is scared and can't hide it. Zelensky complained on August 3 that Europe is slow to help Ukraine financially.

Zelensky then admitted who's winning in Ukraine:

“We still cannot break the advantage of the Russian army in artillery and in manpower, and this is very felt in the battles, especially in the Donbass – Peski, Avdiivka, and other directions. It’s just hell. It can’t even be described in words.”

When Ukraine's armed forces outnumbered the invading Russians 3 to 1, you have to wonder what "edge" they have. Russia has better aviation, intelligence, and electronic warfare capabilities. It destroys Ukrainian brigade and regimental commanders. This technique decapitates the frontline chain of command and bombards trenches and bunkers with missiles and artillery shells. It demoralizes the troops.

Social media provides evidence. First, the 56th brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces says it won't fight since it has no supplies and will die.

Men from Ukraine's 58th brigade send a similar message. Some deserted to Konotop, Sumy. Like the 56th brigade, they were pushed to the front without sufficient weaponry or equipment to be hammered by Russian fire. Instead of being cannon fodder, they left the frontline with their guns.

Men aren't cowards. They are logical. The video below shows Russian strikes on Ukrainian positions in Pisky. Can you imagine this every day?

If you've seen the Band of Brothers episode about the German bombing on Easy Company in the Bastogne forests near Foy, the survivors carried it with them for the rest of their lives. The 101st Airborne Division wasn't cowardly. The Ukrainian army isn't cowardly. But their leaders have betrayed them. Their decision to retreat displays sanity.

The Donetsk and Luhansk militias have led Russia's onslaught in the Donetsk Republic for the past two weeks. In Ukraine, deaths have doubled. The Russians slaughter 1000 a day. For U.S. readers, this means Ukraine has lost more KIA in one week than U.S. forces in Iraq over the whole Iraq war (2003-2014). The Ukrainian army can't withstand such losses and still fight.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Gateway Pundit.

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