After Whistleblowers Revealed EVERYTHING, Agents Revolted Against The FBI Boss

It would be the ideal way to divert attention from the enormous political prejudice that now afflicts the law enforcement organisation by forcing FBI Director Christopher Wray to quit.

But that most certainly wouldn't make the issue go away.

Presidents with extreme ideologies utilise the FBI as a Gestapo against their political adversaries. By authorising attacks against the former president Donald Trump, Biden's regime did nothing but exacerbate the political bias already present inside the FBI.

Numerous FBI informants have come forward since the Mar-a-Lago raid (and even before) to reveal the outrageous political corruption that powers Biden's personal police squad. FBI officers have made the decision to sacrifice their Director in order to avoid more outrage and save face with the public.

According to a source, several FBI agents have "lost confidence" in Director Christopher Wray and are now demanding his departure.

Former FBI agent Kurt Siuzdak, a lawyer for whistleblowers, claimed that agents had expressed to him a feeling that “feel like the director has lost control of the bureau,”

The news that Wray's standing with lower-level agents is deteriorating comes just after Timothy Thibault, a senior FBI officer, quit the organisation last week.

In addition to allegations from FBI whistleblowers, Thibault was also accused of suppressing an investigation into Hunter Biden, inconsistently pursuing investigations, handling election-related issues improperly, and exaggerating domestic violence extremism cases. Thibault claims he retired of his own volition.

This isn't the first time Wray has run into trouble.

Rick Scott, who was Florida's governor at the time, sought Wray's resignation in 2018 for not acting on a tip about the Parkland shooter. Wray's inaction might have successfully stopped a shooting spree.

The now-debunked Russia Collusion Hoax against former President Donald Trump prompted former GOP Rep. Doug Collins to call for Wray's resignation.

Wray was prominently featured in a recent scandal that led to an FBI agent infestation at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate. The FBI Director instructed agents to keep Trump's legal counsel at a distance so they couldn't watch as the building was inspected.

In essence, the FBI was a major factor in avoiding Trump's reelection because they put in a lot of effort to keep Hunter Biden's crimes hidden from the public by dragging out an investigation at Biden's request.

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