Critics Slam New York Governor for Inflammatory Remarks Toward Republicans

For a very long time, Democrats have made the accusation that Republicans are intolerant. This is one of the ironies (and injustices) of life. They blame Republicans of "hating" everyone who isn't a rich white male, but they provide no evidence to back up their claim. Obviously, Democrats, who control the majority of the media outlets, like to portray themselves as the kind, tolerant party that welcomes everyone.

Unless, of course, you and I have fundamentally different points of view.

To tell you the truth, we have not witnessed nearly as much bigotry coming from Republicans now a days. Even if they may have strong objections to leftist programs, it appears that they are able to coexist peacefully with a large number of people who are not Republicans. Democrats? The answer is no. In point of fact, the Democratic governor of New York issued an order for Republican residents of the state to "get out."

Imagine having such a high sense of entitlement, being so arrogant, and being so well-protected by the press that you have the ability to simply tell people to "get out" of your state. Democrats have reached such a level of intolerance that they believe they have the power to force honest and hardworking Americans from out their homes just due to their political beliefs.

Hmm… It seems to me that there was once a nation that expelled individuals from their homes and compelled them to live in ghettos just due to the fact that they were different. Things didn't turn out very well for them, did they?

However, Democrats are so blinded by their own ideology and so tainted with partisan animus that they believe they have already succeeded in forcing Republicans from out their states. Just take a moment to consider how ridiculous this comment was. People have been leaving New York for years because of the increasing crime rate, the increasing taxes, and the decreasing number of work opportunities.

People despise the "Big Apple" since it has evolved into a deplorable place to reside in recent years (I should know, I was born in New York).

Now, a woman who wouldn't be governor if it weren't for Andrew Cuomo's failure has the arrogance to push even more people away from the state.

In New York, there are around 3 million people who are registered to vote. If everyone followed Hochul's suggestion, the state would be brought to its knees. They account for 3.27 million employees, teachers, and doctors as well as business owners and taxpayers who are badly needed in the state. And they are being instructed to leave her alone.

Perhaps they ought to demonstrate to her that they mean business and carry it through.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on National Insiders.

Written by Staff Reports

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