Air Force General Drops UFO Hint With Recent Shoot-Down Incidents

General Glen VanHerck, a U.S. Air Force General, has not ruled out the possibility that the three objects recently shot down in North American airspace could be from an extraterrestrial source. The commander of NORAD and Northern Command stated in a press conference that the military is uncertain about the nature and stability of these objects and that it is the responsibility of intelligence and counterintelligence agencies to determine their origin.

Last Friday, the US military utilized fighter jets to bring down an object near northern Alaska. The next day, the U.S. and Canada jointly shot down another object located approximately 100 miles from the US border in the central Yukon territory. On Sunday, American warplanes took out an object over Lake Huron in Michigan. General VanHerck emphasized that these objects were not balloons like the one previously shot down by the US military off the coast of South Carolina, which was believed to be a Chinese spy balloon.

The military evaluated the feasibility of capturing the objects through gunfire to better preserve them but concluded that it was not possible due to the altitude and size of the objects. To prevent potential harm, the pilots were directed to use their eyesight to verify the absence of any ground-based mariners or airborne aircraft. Once they felt confident, they chose the most suitable weapon available, the AIM 9x missile, and took action.

At present, the origin of the objects is not known. General VanHerck warned journalists not to attribute them to a particular nation as the source is still undetermined. A defense official who remained anonymous later informed Reuters that the military has not discovered any indications that the objects were from an extraterrestrial source.

The recent events have left many questions unanswered and have sparked speculation as to what these objects may be and where they came from. It is up to the intelligence and counterintelligence communities to investigate and determine their origin. Until then, General VanHerck has left open the possibility that these objects may be extraterrestrial in origin.

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