CNN Cuts Trump Spokeswoman Off Air in Heated Pre-Debate Coverage Clash

It appears CNN is already swinging the bias bat as the pre-debate coverage heats up. During Monday’s episode of “CNN This Morning,” a spokeswoman for Donald Trump tried to discuss the upcoming heavyweight title fight between Trump and Joe Biden. Her attempt was promptly bulldozed by CNN’s Kasie Hunt, who seemed more interested in protecting her colleague than letting a fair discussion unfold.

The fun began when Hunt asked Trump campaign press secretary Karoline Leavitt about her expectations for Biden at the debate. With the subtlety of a bull in a china shop, Hunt prefaced her question with a clip of Trump, essentially treating Biden like a punchline at a late-night comedy show. Leavitt, trying to respond, barely began highlighting Jake Tapper’s clear anti-Trump bias when Hunt swooped in, cutting her off faster than a bad cell signal.

Hunt’s attempt at keeping things “civil” quickly revealed CNN’s true colors. After some verbal jabs about Tapper’s well-documented anti-Trump history, Hunt pulled out her referee’s whistle and threatened to end the interview right then and there. In a move virtually no one saw as balanced, Hunt gave Leavitt the hook, cutting her microphone and ending the segment.

The irony here should not be lost. The left-leaning network yanked Leavitt off the air for merely stating the facts about Tapper’s bias. And yet, to keep up with their charade, CNN pretended she was the one out of line. According to Hunt, you must respect her colleagues, a laughable suggestion given the blatant bias among them.

Of course, in typical fashion, liberal talking heads and keyboard warriors cheered Hunt’s defense. Trump supporters, however, saw right through the charade. Social media lit up with comments accusing CNN of simply being a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party—a claim hard to refute when they cut off anyone daring to challenge their narrative.

The message was clear: Trump’s chances at the upcoming debate could very well be undermined by moderators known for their liberal slant. If CNN can’t handle a few factual statements about their personnel without descending into censorship, one can only imagine the circus awaiting viewers on debate night. It’s going to be quite the spectacle, but don’t expect it to be a fair fight.

Written by Staff Reports

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