American Gracefully Owes Trump for ‘Miraculous’ Israeli Homecoming

Thanks to former President Donald Trump’s leadership and the historic Abraham Accords, one American named Yitz Friedman was able to escape the violence and chaos of Hamas’ attack on Israel. Friedman publicly expressed his gratitude to President Trump after successfully boarding a flight from Israel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a country that established diplomatic ties with Israel under Trump’s administration.

Friedman shared his relief and appreciation in a post on a social media platform called X. He explained that without the new partnership between Israel and the UAE, his departure from Israel would not have been possible. Friedman described the fear and anxiety he experienced in Israel, as almost every airline had canceled their flights, including the one he and his wife were supposed to take back home to the US.

However, due to the continued operation of Emirates Airlines, Friedman and his wife were able to fly from Tel Aviv to Dubai, passing through multiple armed military checkpoints along the way. Currently, they are waiting for their connecting flight to the US, feeling safe and relieved in the friendly Arab country of Dubai.

Friedman highlighted the significance of the Abraham Accords, a peace treaty forged between the UAE and Israel in 2020, thanks to the efforts of President Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner. He acknowledged that without this historic agreement, flights from Israel to the UAE would have been unthinkable. Friedman described the ability to fly to a friendly Arab country, even during wartime, as nothing short of miraculous.

In his concluding remarks, Friedman emphasized the positive impact of President Trump’s efforts, stating that thousands of American citizens could safely return home from a dangerous situation thanks to the Abraham Accords. He praised the peace agreement for bringing some respite amidst the turmoil in the Middle East, contrasting it with President Joe Biden’s ineffective suggestions for stranded Americans in Israel.

Friedman’s successful escape serves as a hopeful reminder for stranded Americans in Israel, who are currently left to rely on their own devices as major airlines suspend travel to and from the war-torn region. While President Biden’s responses may appear feeble, the legacy of President Trump’s leadership and diplomacy continue to provide tangible benefits for American citizens in need.

Written by Staff Reports

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