Americans Will Not Be United Under Biden’s Paranoid Presidency

Leftists' vision for America has darkened. Their embrace of identity politics has become a drive for division, demeaning enormous swathes of Americans for political gain.

Last Friday, President Joe Biden called tens of millions of his own citizens "semi-fascists" Days later, he gave one of the most contentious presidential addresses ever in Philadelphia.

His prime-time speech had horrible optics and awful rhetoric. Scarlet-lit, Biden looked like a Dante figure as he clenched his hands and claimed he was battling for the nation's soul. His heated rant indicated he's on the wrong side.

Biden's career makes this unsurprising. He alleged Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan sought to "back in chains." black Americans. Who fired troops for not obtaining COVID-19 vaccination and fired law-abiding citizens. Who collaborated with Orwellian tech companies to block dissent, staged international humiliation in Afghanistan, manufactured a lethal border crisis, caused historic inflation, and sicced the FBI on political opponents and protesting parents?

All of these outrages are divisive, which contradicts our country's motto: e pluribus unum ("out of many, one"). Yet the left would have us think that opponents of these outrages are "threats to the republic?"


Americans are our nation's essence. Families whose schools were shuttered, whose towns are afflicted by violent crime, whose children are brainwashed and sexualized in classrooms, who were already paying more for petrol, food, and housing, are now paying for the student loans of attorneys, academics, and White House staffers.

Biden and the media have promised results for two years. He's caused a recession, widespread inflation, foreign and domestic violence, and repeated attacks on the Constitution he pledged to uphold. As promised, he has only deepened and bitterened divisions.

Biden and his far-left pals threaten the essence of America and everything it symbolises in human history.

Americans know. It's polled.

Biden's address in Philadelphia made it apparent that he intends to drive his unpopular plan – for our government, economy, energy, schools, border, security, and crime wave — down Americans' throats unless stopped.

Conservatives must fight back by engaging millions of hard-working families left behind by the left's elitist ideology and helping them make their voices heard. We must establish a coalition and agenda to reverse Biden's leftward tilt.

Conservatives are unfazed by Biden's partisanship on the economy, education, immigration, Big Tech, the right to life, China, crime, opioids, and the family problem. We must be empowered and encouraged to rise above it to serve our country. We must work together, as we have before.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Fox News.

Written by Staff Reports

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