Hillary Clinton Accuses GOP of ‘Literally Human Trafficking’

Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state, claimed on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Friday that the Republican governors' plan to fly and bus migrants to Washington, D.C., New York, and Martha's Vineyard amounted to "actual human trafficking."

The co-host Joe Scarborough stated, Let's go about the headlines of the day first and a place that you recognize and adore very, very much, Martha's Vineyard, what I've been labeling political human trafficking, benefiting of migrants who are already struggling, who are attempting to figure out the best route forward, who are leaving horrific conditions being used as political fodder to own the libs and being treated cruelly.  They actually arrive someplace like Martha's Vineyard. So what ends up happening? Churches and community centers across Martha's Vineyard open their doors quickly, and residents are overjoyed to just be able to help. For you, personally, what does this mean?

In response, Clinton remarked, Well, I think, Joe, you have set out the madness of the era in which we are living, when some public officials would much rather not only address an issue but aggravate it to the degree of essentially human trafficking.

She went on, I happen to think as always the majority of Americans are decent and giving, and when people find up on their doors in need, they are going to respond.  They'll provide them with food and shelter, and the AP Spanish students will be excused from class to serve as translators.

Clinton elaborated, What we should have been doing is coming together just to overhaul change and adequately finance the system whereby we deal with these difficulties. But there are those who, like Texas' governor, would rather see a problem than help solve it.

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