AOC Looks For Democrat Power Grab As McCarthy Vote Fails

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a rising star in the Democratic Party, said that a coalition government could break the House Republican deadlock.

In response to a question about the coalition, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that if Kevin McCarthy wants to be the next speaker, he may have to negotiate with Democrats.

During an interview on Tuesday, she said that she does not think that Kevin McCarthy has the necessary votes to become the next House majority leader. She also noted that his leadership style conflicts with that of the Democratic Caucus and other Republican members.

She also noted that the Democratic Party is not signaling an openness yet. However, she said that this is an unprecedented time.

The question is not about the numbers in McCarthy's favor, but rather about the cards that are available to him. If he decides to approach the Democrats, then that would lead to a coalition government negotiation.

In three rounds, McCarthy lost the floor votes. With 202 Republicans in his favor, and 20 against, he fell well short of the majority needed to become the next speaker. The two sides seem to be in a state of civil war.

On Tuesday, social media was ablaze after photos of her meeting with Paul Gosar and Matt Gaetz, two Republican defectors, were posted. She later revealed that they asked her if the Democrats would be willing to help save McCarthy.

The ongoing GOP impasse has prevented the newly elected members from being sworn in. Committee assignments have also not yet been made. The House is still scheduled to vote for whoever becomes the next speaker until somebody has secured the gavel.

On Instagram, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated that the Republican Party would have to come up with a new nominee for speaker if the ongoing stalemate continues.

It had been the first time in over a century that a lawmaker failed to secure the speaker's position during the first round of floor voting. Steve Scalise, the incoming House Majority Leader, is considered a potential alternative to McCarthy.

During last year's election, some Democrats privately suggested that they could work with McCarthy to secure the gavel. One of the possible alternatives was Liz Cheney, a former Republican representative from Wyoming.

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